How to pull at your office Christmas Party


Let’s face it; we’ve all had our fair share of awkward moments pressed up against the filing cabinets trying to get our leg over, only to knee her in the groin by mistake and give up. All the while George Michael sings in the background and we just want him to shut the hell up. We’ve all returned to work the next day shamefaced because we got off with Sandra from HR who is at least 60 and twice divorced. We were drunk, we say. We wanted Alesha but we couldn’t get our act together – yet again. Sometimes, we don’t even get Sandra and return home empty handed.

It’s a familiar story. But if you’re looking to pull at your work’s Christmas party, you should know that the statistics are on your side: 49% of office workers say they would “go all the way with one of their work mates” at an Xmas party. Christmas does that to people.

This, of course, isn’t exactly music to your ears if you work on a building site. But if you slave away each day in an office with girls and boys, you should definitely be looking to make the most of your office crimbo party. Let’s take a look at how to pull this year:

Have Some Courage

The number 1 thing you need is some courage. This is essential. You need to be confident. We wouldn’t recommend cheesy chat-up lines as they generally don’t work, but if you’re more nervous than a Chelsea home crowd you can try something simple that you’re not going to mess up. For example, if you know you’re getting along with a girl, you really can’t beat a mistletoe namedrop. Have the courage to say something, otherwise it’s going to be another missed opportunity.

Don’t Get Too Cabbaged

Sure, it’s Christmas and you want to let your hair down and get in the spirit of things. You deserve a drink at this time of the year, after all.

If you get absolutely smashed, though, you’re going to be in no fit state to pull the fairest of the land. The flawless pull will be way beyond you, mate. You’ll be stumbling over, dropping drinks, slurring your words, and giving Sandra the eyes instead. Indeed, you’ll forget all about the girl and will prefer to just have a jolly good time with your mates acting daft and ripping your Christmas jumper off.

For once, take it easy on the pop this time. Have enough to build your courage up, but not too many so that you black out, insult everyone, and have a little cry in the corner.

Dress Right

 Everyone knows you around the office for wearing a David Brent starter-kit, so it’s time for you to show ‘em that you’ve actually got some style.

What you wear to your work’s xmas party is really important, so spend a bit of time mulling this one over. It has to be something that fits you perfectly, and which fills you with confidence. If you’re stuck for ideas, Christmas jumpers are always a win at xmas parties.


Lastly, you need to flirt. Again, you cannot do this very well if you’re goosed, so it’s important that you drink in moderation.

There are a few cracking flirting techniques you should use tactically: Look into her eyes when she’s talking to you; it lets her know you’re listening and that you’re interested. Play with her hair at the right moments, perhaps after you’ve complimented her colour. Playfully trade insults with her, but don’t go too far. Ask her questions and follow up with more questions related to her answers. Girls love this, it shows them you care about more than just she-knows-what.

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