Top 5 Bachelor Party Locations in Europe


Bachelor Parties are what the groom’s best mates love the most about a wedding, and they’re what the groom looks forward to and dreads in equal measure.

As he boards the flight with his seventh tequila bought and paid for by his doting pals, all sorts of questions flicker through his mind: Will Dave get his own back for that time he handcuffed him naked to a telegraph pole in Benidorm ’07? Will there be strippers, photographs and morally questionable Facebook uploads? Will he even survive to tell the tale, or will he end up bound and gagged in a dingy pub cellar somewhere in Riga? And is this really tequila, or is it actually absinthe mixed with Jaeger mixed with Carlsberg mixed with last week’s skim milk from Fletcher’s fridge?

More than anything, stag parties are a laugh; they are a chance for a group of pals to have a legendary blow-out, and celebrate their mates impending transition from freedom to a bit (lot) less freedom. Europe is a mecca for bachelor parties, with a whole host of cities serving as hotspots for stags who just want to have one last knee’s up before they’ve got to calm down a bit. But because there are just so many great cities to party in, you can get lost before you’ve even arrived in the outskirts of Bratislava. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top 5 bachelor party locations in Europe. Because we’re nice like that. Let’s have a gander:

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an artistic and cultural hotspot, and it’s also a very politically aware city. David Bowie used to live here, as did Boris Becker.

Um, moving on.

In 2015, Berlin is one of Europe’s most interesting and liveliest cities. It does the bohemian thing very well, and it also does the boozing very well. For any stag-doer, it’s heaven sent. There is lots to do during the day, such as art galleries, the Berlin wall, the museums, the brandenburg gate yeah yeah WHAT ABOUT THE BEER?!

You can drink freely and legally on the streets and in the parks in Berlin without any hassle from the local polizei, while the beer is dirt cheap. At night, there are plenty of clubs to go to, but be warned; some “super clubs”, such as Berghain, have a strict door policy and will turn you away if you don’t look right.

An average weekend will cost you $500 per person, though you might find that you spend a bit more than that as there is so much to do in this city. Still, it’s all worth it, and because Berlin is home to more than 100 different football clubs, there is always some footy action to take in.

And, yes, you can even drink in the stands. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.

Prague, Czech Republic

You just can’t have a bad time in Prague. Whether you’re squandering your cash on shooting sub-machine guns, karting, paint balling, blackjack, or battering the groom at 5-a-side footy, you’ll all have a whale of a time as you toast your pal’s last few nights of freedom.

The Czech city has been seen as Europe’s alternative party capital for some years now, and it’s also perfect for bachelor parties. You can get away with spending just $250 per person over a crazy weekend, largely thanks to cheap but fine ale and tasty food that doesn’t cost the earth.

You can even watch mud wrestling or have a steak dinner with a lesbian show thrown in. Who needs Vegas?!

What we love most are the quaint, Eastern European pubs that are cosy and compact, but always atmospheric and lively.

Hamburg, Germany

The German city Hamburger gives you slightly less bang for your buck than Prague, as an average weekend costs around $400 per man. This makes it more expensive than the Czech capital, but it does offer interesting alternative experiences.

For example, you can get smashed in on one of the party boats, indulge in a bit of beer biking, or stroll through the infamous Red Light District for a laugh. Then there is the nightlife, which always gets 5/5 for wildness. Clubs, bars and strip clubs are the order of the day here. You might not want to tag your location on Facebook after a few too many, though.

A word of warning: Hamburg occasionally gets crowded with German squaddies venturing up from their base. Just don’t mention the war.

Budapest, Hungary

A bachelor party in Budapest is dirt cheap and costs as little as £216 per person. The beer is as good as the pop in Prague, although Hungarian alcohol is not one to be messed with, and is notoriously seriously strong. Just don’t tell the groom as you buy him another.

“Come on, we promise you it’s only 4%. You’re not seeing double, you just think you are.”

Budapest is best known for its legendary pub crawls, and if the hangover pinches a little too hard in the morning, you can always jump into one of the city’s hot springs for a cool down. The parties can get really wild, though you do need to be wary of local scams: For example, it’s well known that girls like to encourage you to buy them drinks, before leaving without giving you their number.

Sounds like a typical night in Hammersmith for me, to be honest.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow will cost you around $350 per person for the entire weekend, which is peanuts when you consider that it costs three times as much to watch Chelsea have a season-long meltdown.

Krakow has really come on in recent years, and represents a viable alternative to the more popular cities, such as Prague and Berlin.

The place is bustling with students, which makes it really lively, while the beer is okay if not fantastic. The prices are reasonable, and the Polish ale tastes spot-on. Clubs and bars are also cheap, while the compact nature of the city means that most things are in close proximity.

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