Your Essential Guide To a Buck’s Party


Living down under? Here’s our Bucks party guide for all our Australian mates. Can we applied to stag / bachelor party!

People say that planning a Bucks Party should not be that difficult.

But they also say there’s no excuse for peeing on the toilet seat when you’ve had a few.


There are three key elements to a good bucks party that you should bear in mind:

1) Organisation

2) Luck (You’re planning a big night out and you’re not even a trained party planner. You’re gonna need ounces of luck, sunshine)

3) An idea

Getting any one of these wrong means your bucks bash is likely to fail, and the groom will actually be looking forward to staying in with the wife each evening watching Neighbours and drinking tea. After all, anything is better than a trip to the Gold Coast during rainy season with a driver who only has one leg.

The good news for you is that we’re here to help you get clued-up on all the basic essentials of the best bucks party in town. Let’s take a look.

Don’t Invite Everyone

Planning a bucks party is down to the best man, whose job it is to make sure that hundreds of the groom’s “closest friends” aren’t invited.

Ideally, you want a party that is no bigger than 20, and you need to make sure that you don’t invite people who can’t get along. We’re here to make love (not that kind of love) and not war.

Get Your Timing Right

Think you should have your bucks bash the night before the wedding? Think again.

The last thing his new wife needs is a load of vomit over her wedding dress as they go through the vows.

Instead, you should pick a date in the calendar that is at least a week in advance, though we’d recommend 2 or 3. After all, this is the groom’s last big night on the town, so he needs enough time to get over the hangover and into full-blown wedding-mode.

Pick A Location

Australia is home to numerous great bucks party locations, which means that you can pick anywhere you want.

But your location will come down to whether you want bars, booze, strippers and gambling – or whether you want something more civilised and activity-based.

For example, Sea World is great if you all want to swim with sharks, while The Ultimate Porsche Experience in Mount Kembla gives you all a chance to take a Porsche for a spin for a couple of hours.

But one of our personal favourites is paint balling, which you can do anywhere. Quite why us dudes love to shoot each other is up for debate, but blasting the groom in the face with a paint ball is a great way to end his years of freedom. Si anoro, chap.

At the end of the day, this is the groom’s send-off and you’ve gotta be a little bit creative.

If, however, you just wanna get blotto before the groom has to start drinking peppermint tea and watching his calories, a tour of Sydney’s best and oldest bars should be on the cards.

Plan A Surprise

You can’t have a bucks shindig without surprising the groom in some way. Whether you fancy handcuffing him naked to a shark (**disclaimer** we don’t recommend this), hiring a stripper, or taking him to his favourite ever restaurant and then lacing his food with chilli sauce, you have to do something. This is no ordinary night out, remember that. He’s your best friend, and he deserves to be surprised.

Even if it does involve nudity, handcuffs and a lamp post. Hey, you’re just showing him that you love him.

Split The Costs

It’s important that you’re all clued-up on the budget and how the finances are going to go down. Rather than hitting the pubs and clubs and finding that one of you is buying more rounds than everyone else, you should get together beforehand and make a bucks party kitty in which you all throw in a few dollars.

The groom is exempt, of course (isn’t he always!!)

Also, make sure you’ve got enough money left over to drive home.

The last thing you want is for your drunken mate to convince you all that he’s fit enough to drive.

Bring A Camera!

Lastly, someone has to record this stuff.

There is a saying in 2015 that if there are no photos, a bucks party never happened.

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